Cavendish & Harvey Liquorice Filled Drops

Cavendish & Harvey Liquorice Filled Drops 130g

Filled Liquorice Drop with a liquid centre. Unlike other drops, this Drop is made with real liquid liquorice extract for extraordinary salty-sweet moments of ambrosial enjoyment. The Drops are dusted with icing sugar and sealed in a premium gold tin for the highest quality freshness.




For more than 40 years, Cavendish & Harvey have dedicated themselves to the creation of mouth-watering confectionery delicacies. From the selection of the finest ingredients and the creation of exquisite recipes, right through to our rigid quality standards, our guiding principle always takes pride of place: The creation of selected confectionery jewels that make it hard to resist temptation.

As a family-run business with our headquarters in Kaltenkirchen, Germany, they provide customers in over 80 countries around the world with an unrivalled confectionery experience. They produce over 2.2 billion pieces of confectionery, in more than 25 million tins, every year. Eighty per cent of our products are exported, making them a truly global brand.

By instinct and inclination they are confectioners, dedicated to creating an irresistible


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